Doc McStuffins Farting Mommy Tummy Ache Checkup on Highway, Doc McStuffins Gives Fart Mommy a Needle

Doc McStuffins gave Poopy Head a Check Up and an injection of a life time.

A Parody of kiddietoyreviews description:
Today Ela turned into Doc McStuffins because Farting Mommy had a tummy ache while driving her car and got a Doc McStuffins check-up and injection. Farting Mommy’s tummy hurts because Mommy is sick. It’s Mummy farting in the car on the highway! Fart Mommy is back with extra long and smelly Mommy farts. Mommy has been farting since she ate lunch of pancakes and sausage. Nothing farts smellier than sausage. While farting Mommy was driving on the highway she got a bad tummy ache and needed a checkup. She stopped the car and called Doc McStuffins. When you’ve got a tummy ache, Doc McStuffins gives pregnant Mommy a check-up for her farts. Doc McStuffins visits farting Mommy on the highway for a pregnant Mommy tummy ache check-up. In this kids video Doc McStuffins gives Mommy a needle and checkup.

After a check up and two needles Mommy felt much better. Doc McStuffins gives farting Mommy a check-up, and Mommy ends up needing a shot in her arm and tummy to feel better and stop farting. Doc McStuffins is an awesome, sweet Doctor! It’s so funny watching the cute kids play dress up and Mommy gets a check-up and she needs a shot in her tummy for her stomach ache. Keep watching to see if farting Mommy feels better! If you love seeing Doc McStuffins gives Frozen Elsa surgery and Bad Baby Dr., then you’ll love this.
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