Peppa Pig Camping with Big Campervan and Peppa Pig Friends and Happy Family Camping and Pool Toys

Peppa Pig Camping with Big Campervan and Peppa Pig Friends and Happy Family Camping and Pool Toys

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Peppa Pig is going to a camping trip to an outdoor pool with Rebecca Rabbit and her family. Daddy Pig get huge transforming campervan for this trip. Peppa Pig happy family park the camper van right next to the pool and Rebecca’s little campervan. Ms. Rabbit parked in front of the pool next to the campground and tire swings. Peppa Pig and Rebecca Rabbit love swinging, but even more they like Rebecca’s and Richard’s new tents. It is so much fun to play in the tents. Ms. Rabbit and Mommy Pig are grilling fish and corn outside. The food smells so yummy! Then Peppa invites Rebecca for a tour around Daddy Pig’s new Campervan. Downstairs is a big kitchen with everything they need for cooking and playroom for Peppa and George with lots of toys. Upstairs is Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig bedroom with big comfortable bed and bathroom with shower. Peppa Pig also shows her friend her bedroom tent on the top of the campervan. Peppa Pig and Rebecca slide down to go to the pool after the campervan tour. All the kids are having so much fun playing in the pool, but the pool fun is over soon because it starts raining. Peppa and George and their friends have to get out of the pool. They are so disappointed, but Mommy Pig reminds Peppa that the best part of the rain is muddy puddles. After the rain, Peppa Pig and George jump in a muddy puddle and Richard Rabbit joins them. This is the best camping trip ever! Please subscribe: ????

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