Chain reaction crash kills two in Douglas County CBS Atlanta News

Troopers with the Georgia State Patrol are investigating a fatal accident in Douglas County that killed two people and injured four others.

It happened at the intersection of Thornton Road and South Blair’s Bridge Road on Wednesday morning.

A trooper at the scene said that a semi-truck hit a Nissan in the intersection, pushing it into other vehicles in the road.

“You hear a screech from a car but it was magnified like an 18-wheeler trying to stop,” said Santana Ambrose, who witnessed the crash. “There wasn’t enough time.”

Both the passenger of the Nissan, 44-year-old Tracy P. Downer, and the driver, 35-year-old Michelle Kamika Chinnis, died of their injuries.

Troopers said the other four hospitalized were in stable condition.

Investigators reconstructed the accident Wednesday afternoon. They could not say yet whether speed was a factor in the crash.

“Because of the large mass of the tractor-trailer and the distance it traveled, it looks like it may have been going fast,” said Sgt. Darryl Irvin. “But you can’t determine that just by looks. The sheer mass and weight alone could have caused it even at a slow pace.”

The tractor-trailer driver, 64-year-old Robert John Sansom, was visibly shaken after the crash. He was given a drug and alcohol test at the scene, but no results were released.

“Horrible is an understatement,” said Ambrose. “It’s life changing. It will really change the way I will drive for the rest of my life.”

Thornton Road, which was shut down for several hours, reopened Wednesday afternoon.


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